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Plummeting through TREES

I find that when I go somewhere where there are lots of hikers, dogs or family riders I really need to be able to signal a warning when I am descending a fast trail. A year or so ago I came across this great solution from the guys at Timber Mountain Bike Bells out of Encinitas, California.

Ovum or OVAL

Rocking along after 750km with the new Absolute Black Oval Chainring and the Absolute Black Oval Guide chain guide. And I am sold! Having experienced the awful original Shimano Deore XT Biopace I had back on my first mountain bike in 1990; a Marin Eldridge Grade nonetheless,  I was intrigued by the claimed advantages of a 'modern' oval chainring.


Those fine folk at Henty in Hobart Tasmania have stepped into the world of mountain biking and have produced an absolute winner! Better known for their fine craftsmanship in making bike bags for transporting business clothing they have now put their skills to good use and come up with a unique mountain biking hydration backpack offering.