Let it RAIN

Be it Strava, catching up for a ride, letting your loved ones know you are safe or making an emergency call; the phone has become an essential piece of kit for every cyclist, be it road or dirt. 

A year or so ago Australians Bellroy and MAAP did a collab to produce a special version of the Bellroy Phone Pocket; namely the MAAP X Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket. On launch, I got myself one in Black over the Arctic Blue option and can confirm that the standard size fits an iPhone X.

The phone pocket is designed to be a robust waterproof case that you can carry your cash and card essentials on a ride. It's made from a stylish waterproof leather and is closed with a water-resistant zip. 

Bellroy MAPP - Cash - Diranne Lee-Renwick

The MAAP X Bellroy Collab version includes a very cool embossed circular pattern that shines compared to the 'normal' Bellroy Phone Pocket. 

One year in and the phone pocket is better than the day I got it! The leather has beautifully worn in and has become supple and smooth. Having used it in jersey pockets, backpacks and baggies; on 40 degree days and torrential downpours, I can confirm this is built to last and has yet to let a drop of water in; or sweat for that matter. 

Bellroy MAPP - Monkey Likes Shiney-Diranne Lee-Renwick
Bellroy MAPP Wet and Worn- Monkey Likes Shiney-Diranne Lee-Renwick
For whatever the ride throws at you
— Bellroy
Monkey Likes Shiney

Monkey rating:

10 / 10

The MAAP X Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket is now available in a 'Plus' version which will fit an iPhone Plus sized phone, and both the Standard and Plus sizes are available in Black or Arctic Blue.

Available at bellroy.com

Floating on AIR

Floating on AIR