Those fine folk at Henty in Hobart Tasmania have stepped into the world of mountain biking and have produced an absolute winner! Better known for their fine craftsmanship in making bike bags for transporting business clothing they have now put their skills to good use and come up with a unique mountain biking hydration backpack offering.

Henty have put their skills to good use and come up with a Winner!
— Monkey Likes Shiney

The Enduro is a hybrid hip pack and backpack in one. It has the low slung advantages of a hip pack but offers stability with some lightweight mesh should straps. In the past, I have struggled with hip packs as I could never get the bite valve placement sorted and it always seemed like the pack would float around when the terrain got bumpy. Henty have solved this with the additional shoulder straps and once the pack is loaded and in place, it is rock solid. 

A water bladder isn't included so I pilfered one from my Osprey Zealot pack and once in place it is low slung and set as close as possible to your centre of gravity. The Enduro will take up to a 3 litre bladder and the Osprey one I have fits perfectly. 

Henty Enduro Bladder-Diranne Lee-Renwick

On the bike, this feels like you have more agility and more freedom to move around. The pack itself is definitely smaller than what I have been riding for the last few years but it was a good opportunity to go through the accumulation of bits I seem to carry and cull some crap. The result is a much-streamlined selection of gear and hopefully the essentials I need.

Henty Enduro Internal-Diranne Lee-Renwick

I went through a phase last year of trying to reduce the load on my back and got rid of some weight and volume with an Industry Nine Matchstix (review here) and a super lightweight Schwable  Aerothan tube so the move to a smaller pack was quite easy. 

There are heaps of options for storage with multiple pockets and webbing. There is a zippered side pocket on each side which is good for stashing things you need to grab on the trail. I popped a Dynaplug 'tool' in one side and an Em's Cookie Bar in the other. Talking about nutrition Henty have added some elastic straps which allow you to carry two gels on each side - a fantastic race advantage! So cool! 

Henty Enduro-SIS-Diranne Lee-Renwick.JPG

After riding with the pack all summer I can conclude that this has to be the coolest pack I have ever used. Even after a hot Western Australian summer the sweaty back syndrome is definitely greatly reduced.

The Enduros is made of Cordura 500D nylon and comes in Black or Camo. The black one has six months abuse and looks brand new to me! That said I am yet to crash wearing this pack! 

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This is a great lightweight pack and if you live somewhere hot or want some low slung fast stability then this is for you! 

Go get one!


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