Plummeting through TREES

Plummeting through TREES


"Passing on the right!"


I find that when I go somewhere where there are lots of hikers, dogs or family riders I really need to be able to signal a warning when I am descending a fast trail. A year or so ago I came across this great solution from the guys at Timber Mountain Bike Bells out of Encinitas, California.

Timber is a really simple bell that basically has an on-off switch. Once fitted it allows you to lock the bell clapper so it's silent until needed.  With the clapper released the bell jangles away warning others of your approach.

Timber Bell Yeti-Diranne Lee-Renwick.JPG
awareness when you need it, and silence when you don’t
— Timber Mountain Bike Bells

This isn't a normal bike bell where you have to ring the bell; the Timber this uses the bikes motion to jangle the bell. The faster you go, and the bigger the drops, the louder the bell.

The bell comes in two options; one with a quick release and one which is bolt-on. The Timber Quick Release bell comes with two rubber strap lengths that allow you to mount to different bar diameters and the Bolt-On model fits 31.8 to 22.2mm bars. I opted for the bolt-on version and it's rock solid once installed.

Timber Bell Yeti-Diranne Lee-Renwick

In use on the trails, it sounds like a cowbell rather than a bike bell and when you are in full flight it's quite comical as you can literally hear your airtime when you jump or drop! Whenever I head down to the Margaret River trails I always use the Timber as I find that the trails are always congested with riders and families. 

Flat out down the Goobers Pool trail, there is a section that crosses over the Discontent trail on a blind corner with a cross jump from both trails. The chance of two riders hitting the same jump from both directions at the same time is remote but if it did happen it would not be pretty! With Timber I can just turn the bell on 50m out, hit the jump and then switch it off again so I can plummet through the trees in serenity. 

Full flight-Diranne Lee-Renwick
plummet through the trees in serenity
— Monkey Likes Shiney

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If you don't think you need a bell you probably do! So go get one. If you want to make yourself smile so an get one!

Timber is one of a kind that will be copied in the coming years. They are a small company so go and support them.

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